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Victoria Duque Creations: Handmade. Luxury. Beautiful.

     From the innocent eyes of a child admiring her mother in her home country of the Philippines, Victoria’s long-standing fascination with jewelry was born. Inspired not by expense, but by the elegant beauty of her mother’s choices, Victoria would admire the way in which a timeless item of jewelry would complement her mother’s outfit perfectly – leaving her looking beautiful and elegant every single day. These moments of youthful inspiration are still carried through in all the pieces Victoria creates and acts as a constant reminder of the power that jewelry bestows upon the owner.

    Victoria’s passion for exquisite jewelry continued to grow and mature – especially after gaining her Bachelor in Business Management from a prestigious University in the Philippines and setting off to travel the world as a young crew member on a cruise line. Coming up close and personal with sumptuous gemstones, crystals and semi-precious stones, her eyes darted around the vivid flashes of colors and the unique way light passed through each individual stone.

     With her creativity sparked, Victoria set about collecting as many different varieties as she could afford and spent her lunch breaks crafting jewelry inspired by her mother’s timeless elegance. Victoria's pieces brought back fond memories of a beloved childhood and gave her the opportunity to emulate the beauty she so admired in her mother. Her finely crafted jewelry received admiring glances that soon turned into orders and in 1999, her business was born.

   With skills honed through years of experience, Victoria sources only the finest 14k, gold-filled and sterling silver bases for her jewelry alongside personally selected exquisite semi-precious stones and pearls. With a range including handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, customers can also expect to uncover truly unique one-of-a-kind and limited-edition treasures inspired by both current trends and timeless elegance.  

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