The totally unique Slider earrings drip with a collection of vibrant gemstones sliding down a hammered earring. Stunning!
* 14k.Gold Filled
* 2″ long 1.5″ wide
All of our pieces are handmade with care and can be personalized upon request.
Energy Mix & Forest combo shown.
Assorted gemstones combinations to choose from:
CASTLE – amethyst, smoky quartz
CIRCUS – brights – peridot, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, garnet 
UNICORN – pastels – moonstone, pyrite, aquamarine, labradorite
GARDEN –  peridotpyriteamethystgreen onyxblue topaz
ICECAP whites – moonstone, pearls, agate, crystal 
ENERGY MIX – aquamarine, orange coral, garnet, pyrite, amethyst, green onyx
EARTH greens peridot, prehnite, amethyst
FOREST  prehnite, peridot, green onyx
SEASIDE blues/greys – labradorite, blue topaz and apatite
FIRESIDE reds – garnet, ruby, coral, citrine
SKY blues – lapis lazuli, blue topaz
SUNSHINE yellows/oranges– citrine, orange coral
SUITCASE monochromatic – black, moonstone, grey